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Exposure Systems

The latest generation Direct Imaging System from Hakuto is an advanced new imaging system. After 30 years of experience with contact exposure, Hakuto expanded its product portfolio with a fully automated and highly accurate DI solution with very high throughput. This is a TI DMD powered system equipped with 4 different wavelengths. The machine concept is flexible and modular: Semi-automatic up to full automation including turning unit.

New generation Direct Imaging System Hakuto HAP8210S


New generation Hakuto Direct Imaging system

Direct Imaging System

Drilling & Milling Systems

PPI's ProVia-FP Series high-performance laser drilling machine with integrated laser drilling/cutting tool for high-volume production and PPI's RapiTrim Series for accurate trimming and testing operations with sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology.

The Provia FP Series is the latest generation to combine high throughput with high accuracy. The product range includes machines for prototyping to mass production, with UV or CO2 laser as well as UV + CO2 hybrid systems.

The RapiTrim series, unique patented flying probe technology for fast and accurate trimming and testing. Designed for the next generation of circuit trimming and testing. Equipped with advanced ProSys Control software. Intuitive graphical user interface with ProSys control software.

RapiTrim systems enable volume production trim and test operations with flying probe technology for advanced hybrid circuits and embedded passive components. Using patented fixtureless technology, test boards and their associated constraints are eliminated. Design layout constraints are removed and operational delays caused by waiting for test cards are eliminated.

PPI Laser System

ProVia-FP Series

Integrated laser drilling / cutting tool for high volume production

High Throughput Laser Drilling system

PPI Trim System


Fictureless Trim and Test System

For accurate trim and test operations

Electrical Test Systems

Our electrical test systems from MicroCraft.

The E4M6151 fully automated 4 finger tester is a high speed flying probe tester for very high production volumes. It is the core model in the EMMA series and meets various test bench requirements. The E4M6151 has 4 test samples - 2 in the front 2 in the back.

The E4M6151AL fully automatic 4 finger tester is a high speed flying probe tester for very high volume production. It has a loading and unloading device (OK/NOK). With the newly developed Auto Be/Unloader, unattended testing for 24 hours is now possible.

Once the boards are stacked on the loader, suction pads automatically move the boards to the test area. Once testing is complete, the boards are transported to the unloader and separated into OK and NOK boards.

The E8M6151 Electric 8 Finger Tester is a high performance finger tester for very high production output. Optionally available with loader and unloader - model E8M6151AL. It is part of the revolutionary E8 Series and features high-speed exponential testing at 10,000 test points/min. Four probes mounted on each side of the tester move freely to record a very high test speed. Over 10,000 test points/min. were achieved achieved through a combination of increased probe efficiency and sophisticated software control. While maintaining the fastest test speed, a resolution of 2μm and a repeatability of ±4μm is possible.

Very high volume production is possible with the E8M6151AL 8 finger tester. It has a loading and unloading device. It is part of the revolutionary E8 series with high-speed exponential testing at 10,000 test points/min. Four test probes mounted on each side of the tester move freely to achieve exponentially high test speed. Over 10,000 test points/min. were achieved through a combination of increased probe efficiency and sophisticated software control. While maintaining the fastest test speed, a resolution of 2μm and a repeatability of ±4μm are possible.

Flying probe tester Microcraft E4M6151


Fully automatic 4 Probe Tester

Flying probe tester Microcraft E4M6151inclusive automation


Fully automatic 4 Probe Tester

fully automatic electric 4 finger tester E8M6151 Flying probe tester

Flying probe tester Microcraft E8M6151


Electric 8 Probe Tester

electrical 8 finger tester high speed E8M6151 Flying probe tester

Flying probe tester E8M6151 with Loader and Unloader


8 Probe Tester

fully automatic electric 8 finger tester E8M6151 Flying probe tester


The HS Deburrer HS700 from Ishii Hyoki is an advanced new deburrer with superior transport stability, applicable to thin panels of 84µm thickness. The HS deburrer is an advancement of the conventional machine, enabling deburring of thin panels of 84μm thickness on both sides. The spacing of the conveyor rollers is minimized to ensure high usability and productivity. They also feature superior stability during transport. The machine offers excellent performance in processes where heavy grinding is required.

Foil Peeling Systems

Thanks to its revolutionary peeling method, Advanced Engineering's PM01-CPB is the most successful automatic mylar foil peeler in the world. It is equipped with both a buffer and a centering device, enabling a complete PCB peeling process. The PM01-CPB is compact and extremely durable, ensuring both high productivity and tremendous flexibility.

Advanced Engineering's SAP650-R Stand Alone Peeler w/Robot is a modified version of the SAP650 and is equipped with an additional L61 robot arm. This enables precise loading and unloading directly into and/or out of a rack. The SAP650-R also combines a center, peeler and buffer in one, making it the ideal solution for comprehensive mylar peeling. Based on 25 years of experience, the new SAP 650-R film peeler impresses with its revolutionary concept. It is available as a compact inline solution or optionally with an integrated robot stacker.


HS Deburrer

Advanced technology

Peeler Systems



Peelmaster with Center & Buffer


Handling & Automation

Advanced Engineering's SRV652 is a universal loading and unloading robot with a flexible handling concept for a wide range of applications. Its customized and in-house developed robotic arm enables the highest level of precision and efficiency. The SRV652 operates with or without intermediate layers and can be adapted to a wide range of cart rack systems. It features low power consumption and a small footprint.

Advanced Engineering's SRV652-BUDDY is an in-line configuration of the SRV652 and is ideal for flexible loading and unloading within a production line. Its customized and in-house developed robotic arm guarantees maximum precision and productivity. It is a loader, unloader, throughfeed transfer, slip sheet handling, error storage, overflow buffer, etc. in one system.

Advanced Engineering's CDTA650 is a compact all-in-one desktop automation system. Its exceptionally compact size is ideal for areas such as cleanrooms where space is limited. The CDTA650 can be used as a stand-alone solution and is compatible with most LDI, AOI and INKJET systems. It can interface directly with an MES or ERP system for traceability and individual board handling.

Advanced Engineering's EDTA652 is the fastest external inline desktop automation for loading & unloading LDI's. AOI's and INKJET's. It can also be used as a stand-alone solution when combined with two SRV652 or SBT602 slot rack loaders or unloaders. The EDTA652 can be directly connected to an MES or ERP system, providing per board traceability.

The FIFO0650 from Advanced Engineering is a buffer system with a capacity of up to 30 boards/meter. Various systems are available, such as buffers, corner transfer units, conveyors, etc. It impresses with its multifunctional application, e.g. FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) process.




Collaborating adaptive robot handling

Servant Buddy



Collaborating adaptive robot handling

Desk Top Automation


Compact Desk Top Automation

Handling und Automation

External Desk Top Automation


External Desk Top Automation

In-Line or as Stand-Alone Solution


FIFO Buffer Device

First in First Out

Laminating Systems

The MACH630NP from Hakuto is a dry film cut-sheet laminator with a unique, patented pressure system for absolutely even pressure distribution over the entire roll. It is the successor to the MACH 630 UP, the world's most widely used cut-sheet laminator with improved performance and innovative technology. The new pressure system achieves uniformity in pressure and heat. The laminating rollers can be easily replaced within seconds. Significantly improved performance when laminating surfaces with high topography is another significant feature.

The DPL24A vacuum laminator from Sense Advanced Technology is a vacuum laminator with outstanding laminating results due to the latest technological developments combined with a massively built vacuum chamber. Laminating 3-dimensional surfaces, BGA substrates, dielectric coatings, adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive adhesive materials on glass or flat panel displays and flexible substrates.

Fetzel's SDL pro handheld laminator opens up additional possibilities for the professional user. It features a touchscreen and the versatile roller laminators enable lamination of an extensive range of products and materials. The rollers can be flexibly coated with a wide range of materials.

Mach630NP Dry Film Cut Sheet Laminator von Hakuto


Dryfilm Cut-Sheet-Laminator

World best Cut-Sheet-Laminator

Vacuum Laminator


Vacuum Laminator

Designed by SAT

NEW Fetzel Manual Laminator UVLpro-V4 & SDLpro V4

SDL pro

Manual Laminator

professional precise stable

Test Systems / Automatic Optical Inspection / AOI

TAIYO's M105 SC is the optimal test equipment for reliable and fast final inspection for various types of printed circuit boards. It is used for inspection in the final stage of production of unpopulated printed circuit boards. It is a final inspection for any non-conformity in the visual appearance of the PCB. There are several types of defects that can be inspected with Taiyo machines: Dents, chipping, surface irregularities, foreign material, discoloration, damage, cracks, scratches.

TAIYO's M109SC as a semi-automatic optical end inspection machine impresses with a large inspection table and high-resolution camera. This inspection device leaves not a single defect undetected. Various options are available to meet individual customer requirements: From a loader and unloader to an integrated verify function and ID code reading function, everything is included.

TAIYO's A307DC is a fully automatic visual end inspection system that enables double-sided inspection with a high resolution. It has a built-in cleaning roller, overlap detection and slipp sheet handling. An ID code reading function is available.

Nagoya's NXI-3510 offers an advanced automatic inspection function based on superior accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility to meet the most demanding inspection requirements. Our system has gained acceptance in both semiconductor applications and SMT assembly processes.

M105SC semi automatic Modell

M105 SC

Semiautomatic Final Visual Inspection System

Great flexibility, easy to use

M109SC semi automatic Modell


Semiautomatic Final Visual Inspection System

No need to compromise

Final Visual Inspection


Fully automatic Final Visual Inspection System

All in one System

X-ray Inspection System


X-ray Inspection System

Automated X-ray Inspection System (AXI)

Cleaning Systems

Teknek's CM81 cleaning machine is compact and versatile. It is a robust cleaner that is ideal for cleaning thinner materials typically found on printed circuit boards, graphics, LCDs and touch panels.

Tonets' V-Spec non-contact dry cleaner meets the demands of advanced technologies. Multi-stage contraction nozzles that create a precise airflow to clean surfaces contaminated with the finest particles. The multi-stage contraction nozzle was developed based on flow analysis. The non-scattering, sharp airflow generated by the ultimate contraction nozzle reaches the surface of the substrate and removes the micro-dust. The efficiency of micro dust removal is significantly improved compared to the conventional design.

Roll Cleaner


Cleaning Machine

Small Footprint high value

V Spec non contact cleaner


Non-contact Dry Cleaner

High performance cleaner

Scoring & trimming systems

SHODA's MCV-630/720 C fully automatic V-scribing system for printed circuit boards with optical detection of marks or pin holes to register the actual conductor pattern. Also suitable for very thin panels due to special fixture. Special equipment for aluminum scribing to avoid scratches.

New completely automatic Multilayer Flash Cutting System MRS-700B from SHODA for small quantities and many different jobs facilitates cutting and deburring. This system is equipped with Shoda's unique Synchronized Cutting System. This ensures gentle and stable cutting.

Optical V-Ritz System

MCV-630/720 C

Scoring machine

Scoring System with high quality and process stability

Multilayer Single synchronized cutting system


Cutting and Beveling

Synchronised Cutting System with optical alignment

Welding Systems

The Multilayer Ultrasonic Welder ML64OU from INPEKO guarantees a highly accurate semi-automatic to fully automatic plate building solution based on ultrasound. The machine has a unique handling and alignment system whereby an accuracy of < 10µm is achieved. Two to six camera systems can be used to align the layers. Ultrasonic technology allows sub-second welds at four positions simultaneously. 

World novelty
ML640U Layup ultrasonic welding machine InPeKo


Multilayer ultrasonic welder

World novelty

Inkjet printing systems

MicroCraft InkJet printers stand for high quality results with extremely short cycle times in various applications such as assembly printing, etch resist printing and also selective solder resist printing.

InkJet Printer CPE6151 with 8 print heads



High speed 8 Head InkJet Printer CPE6151

InkJet Printer CPQ7861 with 4 print heads



4 Head InkJet Printer CPQ7861

InkJet Printer CPT61515 with two Ink circuits



Inkjet printer with two ink circuits CPT6151

InkJet Printer CPI110120 super size Model



2 Head InkJet Printer CPI120110

InkJet printer CPR3316 with table scanner



InkJet Printer with table scanner CPR3316

Loading and Unloading System for InkJet Printer


Handling System für INKJET DRUCKER

Microcraft InkJet loader and unloader system

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