The SRV652-BUDDY is an in-line configuration of the SRV652 and is ideal for flexible loading & unloading within a production line. Its custom-made and in-house developed robot arm guarantees maximum precision and productivity.

Loader, Unloader, Pass through transfer, Interleaf sheet handling, Failure board storage, Overflow buffer, etc. in one System


  • Multi format gripper, 360° turnable
  • Integrated center device
  • Automatic format recognition
  • AE Vacuum system for heavy boards
  • Double sheet detection and separation on the fly
  • Interleaf sheet handling
  • Floor Space: 1980 mm (flow direction) x 1500mm
  • Productivity rate: 8 pickups/min
  • Material: 7mm - 50μm
  • Power consumption: 650 watts
  • Panel size: L300xW300 - L635xW635mm (extension available)
  • Cleanroom suitable
  • Connectivity: Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, SECS/GEM, OPC/UA
  • Automatic synchronization to other machines
  • No moving parts above the panel



Integrated center device: proper alignment of panels
Format recognition: automatic panel size and panel format recognition
Slip-sheet handling: precise differentiation between PCB’s and slip-sheets
Recipe function: save selected settings as recipes for reuse at a later time
Enclosed housing & FFU: extra unwanted particle protection with an optional filter fan unit

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