Cutting and Beveling

New fully automated multilayer flash cutting system for small quantities and many different jobs.

This system is equipped with Shoda's unique Synchronized Cutting System. This ensures gentle and stable cutting.


  • Synchronized rotation
  • Stress free and stable cutting method
  • Fully automated panel loading and unloading
  • High edge quality
  • Wide range of panel thickness capability (0,1 – 8,0 mm)
  • Small machine footprint
  • 2D Code reader
  • Unloading to conveyor – compatible with thickness measurement/marking unit and further applications

The MRS -700B offers multilayer single side synchronized cutting. The upper cutting tool overlaps with the lower one. This ensures gentle and stable cutting. Fully automatic operation is possible. A compact system with loader and unloader, corner beveller and synchronized cutting    .

The use of a special knife design covers a wide range of material thicknesses without having to change cutting knives.

Panel thicknesses from 0.1 - 8.0 mm

Registration is performed by optical registration which can be used for a wide range of registration points.

A version MSC 680A is available for simultaneously cutting two sides. Mass production


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