Non-contact Dry Cleaner

Ultimate non-contact Dry Cleaner meeting the demands of the advanced technologies. By using Multilevel contraction nozzle design which generates a non-spreading high sharp air flow reaches the surface of substrate strongly and removes even micro dust.


Usable for ultra-thin substrate (0,04 mm)
Significantly improvement in comparison to the conventional design
High performance Air nozzle (V-Spec)
Multilevel contraction nozzle
No contact damage/no transcription and less static electricity
High speed cleaning

Multilevel contraction nozzle designed based on flow analysis. Non-spreading high sharp air flow provided by ultimate contraction nozzle reaches the surface of substrate strongly and removes micro dust. The efficency of removal micro dust is improved significantly in comparison with the conventional desig.

Non-Contact Cleaning enable to remove the dust in hole, on end face or hollow pattern of substrate. No transcription, no contact damage and less generation of static electricity against contact type cleaner such adhesive roller cleaner.

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