M105 SC

Semiautomatic Final Visual Inspection System

Best solution for reliable and fast final inspection of various types of boards.

Best for testing in the final stage of bare PCB production. A final inspection for any nonconformity in the circuit board's visual appearance.

Taiyo machines are able to inspect various types of defects.

Dents, chips, surface irregularities, foreign material, discoloration, damages, cracks, and scratches.


  • High resolution color camera of 10 µm/pixel
  • Resolution of 7,300 or 16,000 pixels
  • Tiltable camera angle and adjustable LED illumination
  • Powerful TY-Labins Software

High-quality inspection not just of rigid boards, but also of FPC, ceramics, glass, etched metal parts, and more

Max PCB size up to 280 x 330 mm

Applicable Board Thickness: 0.1 - 2.4 mm

High quality verification station with Leica microscope available

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