Innovative Semi-Automatic Optical End Inspection Equipment from TAIYO

TAIYO has developed a wide range of semi-automatic optical end inspection equipment suitable for various applications. These devices provide reliable and accurate inspection of end products and help improve production quality and efficiency.


M105SC semi automatic Modell

M105 SC

Semiautomatic Final Visual Inspection System

Great flexibility, easy to use

M109SC semi automatic Modell


Semiautomatic Final Visual Inspection System

No need to compromise

Final Visual Inspection


Fully automatic Final Visual Inspection System

All in one System

Reliable and fast final inspection of printed circuit boards

Taiyo machines can inspect various types of defects, including dents, chipping, surface irregularities, foreign material, discoloration, damage, cracks and scratches. These machines provide reliable inspection and help to detect and reject defective PCBs at an early stage.

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