Test Systems / Automatic Optical Inspection / AOI

Inspection Systems, Automatic Optical Inspection and AOI from TAIYO and Nagoya for you at a glance:

Inspection Systems

M105SC semi automatic Modell

M105 SC

Semiautomatic Final Visual Inspection System

Great flexibility, easy to use

M109SC semi automatic Modell


Semiautomatic Final Visual Inspection System

No need to compromise

Final Visual Inspection


Fully automatic Final Visual Inspection System

All in one System

X-ray Inspection System


X-ray Inspection System

Automated X-ray Inspection System (AXI)

Text Systems / Automatic Optical Inspection / AOI

TAIYO's M105 SC is the optimal test equipment for reliable and fast final inspection for various types of printed circuit boards. It is used for inspection in the final stage of production of unpopulated printed circuit boards. It is a final inspection for any non-conformity in the visual appearance of the PCB. There are several types of defects that can be inspected with Taiyo machines: Dents, chipping, surface irregularities, foreign material, discoloration, damage, cracks, scratches.

TAIYO's M109SC as a semi-automatic optical end inspection machine impresses with a large inspection table and high-resolution camera. This inspection device leaves not a single defect undetected. Various options are available to meet individual customer requirements: From a loader and unloader to an integrated verify function and ID code reading function, everything is included.

TAIYO's A307DC is a fully automatic visual end inspection system that enables double-sided inspection with a high resolution. It has a built-in cleaning roller, overlap detection and slipp sheet handling. An ID code reading function is available.

Nagoya's NXI-3510 offers an advanced automatic inspection function based on superior accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility to meet the most demanding inspection requirements. Our system has gained acceptance in both semiconductor applications and SMT assembly processes.

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