Discover the innovative machines from Shoda Tectron Corp.

Shoda Tectron Corp. is a leading Japanese manufacturer of machines for mechanical processing, sawing, edge trimming and scoring. Focusing on maximum dust reduction and highest precision, the company offers machines suitable for various applications in the manufacturing industry.

Shoda Tectron Corp.

Optical V-Ritz System

MCV-630/720 C

Scoring machine

Scoring System with high quality and process stability

Multilayer Single synchronized cutting system


Cutting and Beveling

Synchronised Cutting System with optical alignment

Sawing and edge trimming in one cut

One of the core competencies of Shoda Tectron Corp. is the manufacture of machines that enable sawing and edge trimming in one cut. These machines provide precise and efficient processing of materials and help increase production output. Shoda Tectron Corp. offers various types of machines for sawing and edge trimming in one cut, suitable for different applications.

Shoda Tectron Corp. also offers machines for mechanical processing and scoring machines. These machines are suitable for precise and efficient machining of materials such as metal, plastic and wood. Shoda Tectron Corp. pays special attention to maximum dust reduction and highest precision to ensure clean and accurate machining of materials.

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