Innovative cleaning & coating solutions from Teknek

Teknek is a leading Japanese manufacturer of innovative surface cleaning and coating solutions. Since its establishment in 1984, the company has specialized in the development and manufacture of high-quality cleaning and coating systems. Teknek products are known for their high quality, performance and reliability.


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Typical applications for Teknek machines

In the electronics industry, the requirements for printed circuit board production are continuously increasing. Defect-free production using flexible materials, embedded components and new substrates requires innovative contamination controls. This is where Teknek's machines come into play.

Teknek offers a wide range of solutions for the production of multilayer, rigid and flexible PCBs.

  1. Photoresist development: Teknek machines are used to eliminate contamination on the traces caused by short circuits and openings. Whether dry film or wet coating, Teknek machines ensure flawless photoresist development.
  2. Exposure or Laser Direct Imaging (LDI): Teknek's machines are used to eliminate contamination and ensure the quality of the exposure and the finished PCB. Teknek offers innovative contamination controls that help improve exposure quality and efficiency.
  3. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI): Teknek's machines prevent operator errors and ensure that quality and measurement targets are met. With Teknek's solutions, PCB manufacturers can ensure that their products meet the highest standards and are free from contamination.

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