Fictureless Trim and Test System

The RapiTrim Series, unique proprietary flying probe technology for rapid, accurate trim and test operations. Designed for Next-Generation Circuit Trimming and Testing.

Equipped with the advanced ProSys Control Software. Intuitive graphic user interface with ProSys operating software.

RapiTrim systems enable volume production trimming and testing using flying probe technology for advanced hybrid circuits and embedded passives. With the use of a proprietary fixtureless technology probe cards and their inherent limitations are eliminated.

There are no more restrictions on the design layout or operational delays while waiting for probe cards to be removed.



Unique, proprietary flying probe technology for rapid, accurate trimming and testing operations

High reliability fiber laser or DPSSL

Unlimited circuit size and shape

No restrictions on component size, shape orientation or density

Compatible with both thick film and thin film materials

Optimized for hybride, PCB, SMT and embedded circuit trimming and testing

Fast job changeover for quick-turn production

High accuracy and throughput with advanced probe and laser spot position control

Fixtureless Trim and Test System

Optional with automated probe tip changer. Intuitive Graphic User Interface with ProSys operating software.
Advanced Beam Positioning and Laser Pulse Control provides high throughput, accuracy, and process stability.
High Accuracy Measurement system.
Auto-Calibration features ensure repeatable quality.
Extensive System Diagnostics continuously monitor all critical components as well as machine performance.
Sealed Beam Delivery protects the optics from process debris, extending component lifetime.
Touch screen operation (full HD size).

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