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Collaborating adaptive robot handling

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Handling & Automation

Advanced Engineering's SRV652 is a universal loading and unloading robot with a flexible handling concept for a wide range of applications. Its customized and in-house developed robotic arm enables the highest level of precision and efficiency. The SRV652 operates with or without intermediate layers and can be adapted to a wide range of cart rack systems. It features low power consumption and a small footprint.

Advanced Engineering's SRV652-BUDDY is an in-line configuration of the SRV652 and is ideal for flexible loading and unloading within a production line. Its customized and in-house developed robotic arm guarantees maximum precision and productivity. It is a loader, unloader, throughfeed transfer, slip sheet handling, error storage, overflow buffer, etc. in one system.

Advanced Engineering's CDTA650 is a compact all-in-one desktop automation system. Its exceptionally compact size is ideal for areas such as cleanrooms where space is limited. The CDTA650 can be used as a stand-alone solution and is compatible with most LDI, AOI and INKJET systems. It can interface directly with an MES or ERP system for traceability and individual board handling.

Advanced Engineering's EDTA652 is the fastest external inline desktop automation for loading & unloading LDI's. AOI's and INKJET's. It can also be used as a stand-alone solution when combined with two SRV652 or SBT602 slot rack loaders or unloaders. The EDTA652 can be directly connected to an MES or ERP system, providing per board traceability.

The FIFO0650 from Advanced Engineering is a buffer system with a capacity of up to 30 boards/meter. Various systems are available, such as buffers, corner transfer units, conveyors, etc. It impresses with its multifunctional application, e.g. FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) process.

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