Compact Desk Top Automation

The CDTA650 is an all-in-one compact desktop automation. Its exceptionally small size is ideal for areas such as cleanrooms, where space is limited. The CDTA650 can function as a stand-alone solution and is compatible with most LDI, AOI and INKJET systems. It can be directly linked to a MES or ERP system, allowing for traceability and individual handling per PCB.




  • Floor Space: 1200 (flow direction) x 1200mm
  • Productivity rate: 20 seconds/side
  • AAA/BBB mode for reverse workflow
  • Multi batch & Multi format mode
  • Double sheet detection and separation on hand
  • Power consumption: 1200 watt
  • Panel size: L300xW300 - L635xW635mm
  • Rack system: L-rack
  • Cleaner integrated
  • Connectivity: Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, SECS/GEM, OPC/UA
  • Unlimited access to system table and system maintenance
  • Cleanroom suitable

Two 3-axis robots: single system to pick, place, and flip PCB panels, allowing an AAA/BBB workflow
Multi-batch mode: assignment of multiple jobs on a single rack possible
Recipe function: save selected settings as recipes for reuse at a later time
Integrated cleaner: external or internal cleaner for removal of unwanted particles
Double-sheet detection & separation: quick recognition and direct separation of double-sheet panels in magazine
Easy access: for maintenance to both CDTA650 and LDI, AOI, or INKJET machine



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