PPI Systems Laser material processing systems

For over 20 years, PPI Systems has been producing laser material processing systems, including the well-known Rapitrim and Provia systems used in the electronics industry. The systems are designed for today's applications and offer both turnkey and customized solutions.


PPI Laser System

ProVia-FP Series

Integrated laser drilling / cutting tool for high volume production

High Throughput Laser Drilling system

PPI Trim System


Fictureless Trim and Test System

For accurate trim and test operations

Laser drilling/cutting tool for high volume production

When it comes to the efficient and precise production of large quantities, an integrated laser drilling/cutting tool is indispensable. With this advanced technology, complex components can be produced in the shortest possible time - without compromising on quality.

The laser drilling/cutting tool is ideal for high volume production of various materials such as metal, plastics and composites. Using state-of-the-art technology, the tool can precisely machine even complex shapes and designs while maintaining high speed and efficiency.

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