Drilling & Milling Systems

Our drilling and milling systems with sophisticated and latest technology: The ProVia-FP Series and the RapiTrim Series.

Drilling & Routing

PPI Laser System

ProVia-FP Series

Integrated laser drilling / cutting tool for high volume production

High Throughput Laser Drilling system

PPI Trim System


Fictureless Trim and Test System

For accurate trim and test operations

Drilling & Milling Systems

PPI's ProVia-FP Series high-performance laser drilling machine with integrated laser drilling/cutting tool for high-volume production and PPI's RapiTrim Series for accurate trimming and testing operations with sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology.

The Provia FP Series is the latest generation to combine high throughput with high accuracy. The product range includes machines for prototyping to mass production, with UV or CO2 laser as well as UV + CO2 hybrid systems.

The RapiTrim series, unique patented flying probe technology for fast and accurate trimming and testing. Designed for the next generation of circuit trimming and testing. Equipped with advanced ProSys Control software. Intuitive graphical user interface with ProSys control software.

RapiTrim systems enable volume production trim and test operations with flying probe technology for advanced hybrid circuits and embedded passive components. Using patented fixtureless technology, test boards and their associated constraints are eliminated. Design layout constraints are removed and operational delays caused by waiting for test cards are eliminated.

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