Cleaning Machine

A compact and versatile thin sheet cleaner

A robust cleaner, ideally suited for cleaning thinner materials typically found in PCBs, graphics, LCDs and Touchpanels.

State-of-the-art lightweight elastomer rollers, contacting both sides of the sheet with minimal pressure they ensure to leave the sensitive surface of the material undamaged. Now with low static cleaning.


Uni-Directional & Auto Reverse

Available in five cleaning widths

Processing speed 1 – 40 m/min

Multifunctional tablet operator interface

Powered internal support rollers

Compact-powered stainless-steel support roller for thin materials

Easy side access to cleaning rollers and adhesive rolls

Advanced Electronics Manufacturing – Circuit Board Production

Increasing demands within the Electronics sector is driving the PCB sector. The demand for zero defects coupled with flexible materials, embedded components and new substrates requires new and novel contamination control.

Typical Applications for Teknek machines in manufacturing multilayer, rigid and flexible PCBs:

  • At Photoresist (whether dry film or wet coating, eliminates shorts and openings caused by contamination on the conductive tracks)

  • At Exposure or Laser Direct Imaging – LDI (eliminates contamination to ensure quality of exposure and finished board)

  • At AOI (prevents false calls and ensures quality and measurement goals are achieved)

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