Peelmaster with Center & Buffer

Due to its revolutionary peeling method, the PM01-CPB is the most successful automated Mylar sheet remover worldwide. It is paired with both buffer and center device, allowing for a complete PCB peeling process. The PM01-CPB is compact and exceedingly durable, guaranteeing both high productivity and enormous flexibility.



  • Floor Space: 1620 (flow direction) x 1863mm
  • Productivity rate: up to 10 panels/min
  • Material: 7mm - 50μm
  • Panel size: L300xW300 - L635xW635mm (extension available)
  • Cleanroom suitable
  • Connectivity: Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, SECS/ GEM, OPC/UA
  • Typical failure rate is less or equal than 2 per 1000 panels
  • Re-peel function reduces failure rate
  • Mylar tear detection
  • DES throughput optimization
  • Self core Mylar take up system reduces waste volume
  • 6-stage buffer integrated
  • Very low power consumption ~ 1,2 kW
  • Recipe function, Data collection Interface

The best selling and most successful Mylar Sheet Remover in the world.

Compact, robust and fully automatic. The performance and reliability of this peeler has convinced customers worldwide for 20 years. The advanced and unique peel method guarantees gentle peeling of the protective films without damage.

Center & buffer addition: BD600 buffer and CD600 center device for an all-in-one solution

Recipe function: save selected settings as recipes for reuse at a later time

Tear detection: precise detection of torn Mylar sheets with signal to downstream buffer

Mylar roll: removed mylar rolled up for waste space minimization

Re-peel function: up to 3 re-peel attempts per panel to guarantee a minimal failure rate


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