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From consulting up to After Sales Service as a core component of our relationships with our customers.


Each project starts with a project plan. At SAT Electronic, you can rely on more than 25 years of know-how and experience. We work with you to find the best possible solution for your process. We can offer you a solution for nearly every process step in PCB production. This is why we cooperate with the leading machinery manufacturers of our industry, which is the only way to be able to offer you the best quality, optimized solutions and excellent technology. SAT means flexibility while you maintain process stability. Already in the planning or consulting states our technology and sales departments work together hand in hand to achieve maximum success for you as our customer. You have a requirement – We work with you to realize it.


Complementing our machine sales, we offer professional machine installation and integration at our customers’ production sites. With our well-trained service employees, all of them engineers or technicians, we are able to offer you excellent installation services including an introductory process training for your workers. Long before installation diligent planning ensures smooth implementation. In consulting, we carefully consider your needs. SAT’s engineers and technicians work hand in hand with our sales force, draw up a project plan, examine feasibilities and plan the implementation at the customer’s site. Our long-standing industry experience and the technological know-how of our employees are a tremendous background for our work. We make the impossible possible.


In highly professional courses led by our well-trained experts you get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your newly acquired machine. Your operators will explore safety, handling and maintenance as well as learn how to find the correct machine parameters. Our courses are aimed at giving your operators the necessary security and routine to independently handle your new machine. Even after the training we continue to provide our customers full support and can be reached during our office hours.


Maintenance is another important building block of our comprehensive service concept.

We know our products best and are therefore able to offer an inclusive and customized maintenance and service package for each machine.

Regular maintenance intervals improves the availability of your machine. We work with our customers to plan maintenance work and determine when it is necessary. Already when a new machine is installed, we point out which spare parts may be needed and offer to plan the first service appointment. Another option is to sign a Service Agreement.

Preventive Maintenance

With our experience, we are one step ahead. We are able to access machine data that enable us to act even before a problem arises. It is our highest priority to maintain the stability of your process chain. This is why we keep updated records of spare parts, consumption parts, and consumption materials and, of course, share them with our customers. We collect and evaluate machine data. It is just one of our strengths to precisely schedule and implement maintenance intervals. As an optional service, you may sign a Service Agreement with SAT. If you stay one step ahead, you will face fewer issues in daily production.

Predictive Maintenance

With predictive maintenance, we go evenone step further. We don’t simply perform periodic maintenance, but carefully take into consideration individual machine usage. We analyse daily operating times, materials, and environmental conditions to count those factors into our work. Reliable machine data play an essential role in predictive maintenance. They make statistical evaluation possible. For example, patterns of wear and tear, anomalies and outliers need to be detected. It is our goal to avoid machine downtimes by using machine data. We monitor a wide range of parameters, e.g. pressure, energy consumption, vibration, temperature, speed, and many more. Ideally, these evaluations happen in real time and deliver immediate feedback to the operator. Predictive maintenance is an ongoing process benefitting our customers.

Error detection

We are here for you! You can contact us during our service hours and even beyond. We want to convince with quick response times and swift availability on our customers’ premises. We use all available channels of communication to analyze your problems and answer your questions. Besides the traditional phone call and email messages we use group chats, video calls, video conferencing software like “Teams”, as well as remote support using VR-glasses like the “HoloLens”.

Virtual Remote Service

We always use the latest technology. It is not just our products that meet the highest technological standards, the tools we use do, too. We remotely access machine interfaces and “Mixed-Reality-Glasses” enable us to remotely solve your problems. VR-glasses show the same image to our remote engineer that the machine operator can see on site. Thus, the engineer may give the operator well-aimed instructions to solve the issue on the spot, and long travel times can be avoided. We focus on finding any issue fast and on resolving it on the spot. To achieve this, we take advantage of every available resource.

Our stock

At our headquarters in 83043[nbsp]Bad Aibling, Germany, we hold all necessary spare parts, consumption parts and consumption materials on stock for our clients. To reduce long delivery delays we ship directly out of our headquarters. With our inventory we are able to provide necessary items to our customers within the shortest possible period of time. Another service SAT customers enjoy.

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