SAT services – flexibility to guarantee your process stability.

We are always looking for leading edge technology solutions for our customers problems, backed by the guarantee of SAT’s excellent personal service.

To complement our product sales and to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction SAT always undertake training of customers personnel in all necessary aspects of operation and maintenance. SAT after sales service performance is a major part of our »one step ahead« strategy.


The solutions we offer

We already have solutions for today’s needs and are working closely with our partners in emerging areas that will set new standards in the future. Step by step we are moving forward to reach our goal »one step ahead«.

SAT only chooses the best of the best as partners, it is the only way if you really want to realize your goal of »one step ahead«. We are very proud of our long term partnerships with industry leaders and are equally proud to present them to you.

Know-how in process technology

SAT considers the integration of our systems in the customers individual processes to be vitally important. Therefore we have always taken responsibility for a smooth integration and
 provided process technology know-how throughout the sales and support services. To 
enhance this services we established a corporation with Ines Kröner Consulting. With more 
than 18 years of experience in PCB production in different companies and projects Ines 
Kröner has an enourmous knowledge background which she utilises to maximise your 
yield and minimize your quality issues. Please feel free to contact us or IKC directly to 
discuss your requirements (


Ask us, we will gladly contact you ...

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