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Tonets is a renowned Japanese manufacturer of high precision non-contact cleaning equipment. Tonets has launched a specially designed cleaning nozzle called the "Multi Contract Nozzle". This unique device creates a specially shaped "Ultra Straight Airstream." It reliably attacks the particles on the substrate surface and can remove 100% of the particles (1.6μm glass beads on bare glass, 700mm/sec) without damaging the substrate. This amazing device has three times the performance compared to conventional tools. It is widely used in the field of electronic device manufacturing and helps to improve the quality of production.


V Spec non contact cleaner


Non-contact Dry Cleaner

High performance cleaner

Contactless cleaning for semiconductor manufacturing

High-precision cleaning equipment is essential in semiconductor manufacturing. Tonets offers non-contact cleaning equipment specifically designed for cleaning semiconductor wafers and other sensitive surfaces. These devices remove particles and contaminants, helping to improve product quality and performance.

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