ProVia-FP Series

Integrated laser drilling / cutting tool for high volume production

The ProVia FP series is the latest generation which combines high throughput with high accuracy. The wide range of laser processing equipment comprises systems for prototypes – through volume production, UV- or CO2-Laser as well as UV+CO2 hybrid systems.


  • Integrated load/unload automation in a small footprint
  • Continuous processing of roll-to-roll available
  • Optimized for all applications
  • Blind and through-hole via drilling
  • Cutting, routing, and circuit excising even for thin material like polyimide
  • Skiving/cavity formation
  • Defect repair

The ProVia systems provide the ultimate processing workstation for rigid, rigid-flex or flex panels, with high
performance beam positioning for rapid point-to-point drilling and routing complex features. Choose a UV-only
model, a CO2-only model, or the hybrid version with both laser sources. The CO2 laser is appropriate for high speed
drilling, cutting and skiving of dielectrics, while the UV laser is able to machine copper and provide higher process
quality in many dielectrics. Whether your application is with glass- and aramid-reinforced epoxies or non-reinforced
materials (e.g. resin-coated foil or polyimide), there is a ProVia model to meet your requirements.

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