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What is important to us? How do we operate? Where do we want to go from here?

Hans Fritz CEO

Hans Fritz Founder of SAT GmbH


The company SAT Electronic GmbH is a technology service provider and offers its customers the following products and services in the field of PCB production:

  • Machinery for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards
  • Production automation
  • Digital printing methods
  • Testing systems
  • Computer aided production
  • Coated rolling mills
  • Service Technology


With our services we want to enable our customers to be successful in the market in the future. For us, this means to always be one step ahead where technology is concerned, and to find flexible solutions for new and amazing products to offer to our clients.

  • Support, beginning with the planning process up to implementation
  • Flexible solutions
  • Modern and efficient technologies, always one step ahead of the competition
  • Excellent service for installed systems

Customer orientation

It is our customers how decide whether to buy our products and services. This is why customer orientation and user benefits are at the core of our activities. It is our goal to integrate our customers’ requirements and expectations into our company activities and our products. In a continuous dialog with our clients, we are always looking for the best and most economical solutions which we implement in close cooperation with them. Our benchmark for success is customer satisfaction.

The first step in achieving quality is putting our customers’ satisfaction at the core of our thinking.


As a service provider, we depend on our suppliers and partners, and vice versa. We are striving for a “win-win-situation” where highest possible added value for both sides is our goal. We are cooperating with our suppliers and business partners in a constructive, reliable, and partner-oriented manner. The benchmark of our activities is our common success.


We all are responsible for the preservation and care of our environment. As an employer and supplier of technological products we carry a special responsibility that we want to respect in accordance with social and economic feasibility.

Keeping all norms, regulations and legal requirements are the foundation for our ecologically responsible actions – all departments are involved in reviewing and ensuring compliance. Especially our managers are challenged to guide and motivate each one of our employees to always act sustainably. We involve even our suppliers in our environmental policies.

Even the design of our company headquarters building as well as our precisely scheduled deliveries contribute to reducing our company’s impact on the environment.


All of us (employees, managers, entrepreneurs) contribute to our company’s success. Our employees play a central role in achieving this. This is why we are continuously working on improving our working conditions. Our fundamental principles are commitment, training and education, open communication and team spirit. Our decision processes are transparent, fact-oriented and aimed at making our company successful. It is our goal to sustain our company, to maintain employment and to help create qualified jobs. We work together with respect and a great sense for community. Achieving this is the benchmark of our work.

Quality Management and Sustainability

While we strive to constantly improve our processes and our organization, we have implemented a Quality Management System which is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

We fully respect our responsibility for the preservation of a healthy environment and monitor all relevant operations according to ISO 14001:2015.

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