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What is important to us? How do we operate? Where do we want to go from here?

Hans Fritz CEO

Hans Fritz Founder of SAT GmbH


The company SAT Electronic GmbH is a technology service provider and offers its customers the following products and services in the field of PCB production:

  • Machinery for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards
  • Production automation
  • Digital printing methods
  • Testing systems
  • Computer aided production
  • Coated rolling mills
  • Service Technology


With our services we want to enable our customers to be successful in the market in the future. For us, this means to always be one step ahead where technology is concerned, and to find flexible solutions for new and amazing products to offer to our clients.

  • Support, beginning with the planning process up to implementation
  • Flexible solutions
  • Modern and efficient technologies, always one step ahead of the competition
  • Excellent service for installed systems

Declaration of Principles

For 30 years, SAT Electronic has been a reliable partner for companies in the European printed circuit board industry, working closely with companies worldwide. To ensure the best possible collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we take on responsibility as a business partner, a member of society, and at our workplace.

We accept and respect human rights and promote equal opportunities, good working conditions, and fair treatment. Furthermore, we commit to protecting our environment, reducing CO2 emissions, and practising sustainability with our resources.


The responsibility for preserving and conserving our environment lies in our hands. As an employer and a supplier of technological products, we have a special responsibility, which we aim to fulfil in harmony with social and economic feasibility.

Compliance with all standards, regulations, and laws form the basis of our environmentally responsible actions, which are reviewed and ensured by each department. Through our products, we play a crucial role in producing, developing, and enhancing sustainable technology. We prioritise the longevity of our machines through high-quality and comprehensive service. We also support the Circular Economy by refurbishing our machines and reusing spare parts.

Within the company, we act in an environmentally friendly manner. For example, we reduce our use of packaging materials through reusable wooden crates and plan our transports efficiently to minimise CO2 emissions.

We have been using a groundwater heat pump for heating our company building for years with a cooling function for comfortable temperatures in the summertime.

Our ISO 14001 certification underscores our efforts for environmental protection and is continuously developed by the SAT team.


As a family-owned company, we feel obligated to fulfil our responsibility to society. This extends to our employees, a fair, respectful working environment, and our partnerships and collaborations with local partners and social/non-profit organisations in the region.


Inclusion, diversity, and equality are fundamental and essential aspects of our corporate culture. With flat hierarchies, we ensure that every employee can express their ideas and suggestions freely and openly, enabling everyone to actively participate in the decision-making process and shape the company's future. This fosters a collaborative work environment where every opinion is valued and appreciated.

At the workplace, we advocate for a safe and healthy working environment. Therefore, we regularly update and improve our quality standards as part of ISO 9001.

Human rights are of fundamental importance to us, so we ensure that they are upheld, not only by SAT but also by our suppliers. We carefully select partners from countries with strong labour protections. As SAT, we must share our values and standards with our suppliers and customers, as this is the key to a sustainable, successful, and efficient partnership with our business associates.


Our values, strategy, sustainability, and influence on all stakeholders are regularly reviewed and maintained by our management and externally confirmed through our ISO certifications, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These standards are recertified annually through an internal audit and an external auditor.


Furthermore, we regularly identify and assess potential product, market, and environmental risks through risk management and corresponding processes. This ensures the highest safety measures for all employees and minimises accidents and health risks.

To ensure compliance with human rights and the quality of our suppliers, we conduct regular supplier evaluations. In these assessments, we examine factors such as reliability, quality, and adherence to human rights by our partners. We also maintain close and respectful communication at the same level and regularly in person.


Customer orientation and user benefits are at the core of our activities. We aim to incorporate customer demands and expectations into our business activities and products.

In dialogue with the customer, we continuously search for the best, most economical, and most sustainable solutions for our processes. Customer satisfaction is the benchmark for success, central to our thinking and key to success.

Quality Management and Sustainability

While we strive to constantly improve our processes and our organization, we have implemented a Quality Management System which is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

We fully respect our responsibility for the preservation of a healthy environment and monitor all relevant operations according to ISO 14001:2015.

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