Hydrogen Leak Detector YHLD-100

Leak detection without fail and leak location identified just with one unit.

With its wide dynamic range, concentrations of 0.5 ppm to 13,000 ppm can be measured with just one unit. For a concentration of 13,000 ppm or more a warning is generated to stop the measurement process. The response speed is 0.7 seconds or less. Measurement is performed in a quick, safe and comprehensive manner.


Detects from low to high concentration of hydrogen

Immediate detection alert announcement

Quick response to both increases and decreases of gas concentration

Consecutive measurement capability

Yamaha's proprietary MEMS hydrogen sensor installed / Return after measurement also made quick through high-speed response in one second or less / With the inline sensor head, inline automatic inspection supported / With a large color LCD touch panel installed and through interactive mode selection and setting functionality, easy operation realized / At high hydrogen concentrations, no occurrence of linearity degradation or output saturation. Even at 2,000 ppm or more, an output made without saturation.

Usable for different applications possible:

Engine, Food and cosmetic product containers, Air intake, Air conditioner

Detected concentration: 0.5~13,000ppm

Detection method: Sniffer method

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