Stand Alone Peeler w/Robot

The SAP650-R is a modified version of the SAP650 and is equipped with an additional L61 robot arm. This allows for precise loading or unloading directly to and/or from a rack. The SAP650-R also combines center, peeler, and buffer in one, making it the ideal solution for thorough mylar peeling.

Based on the experience of 25 years, the new SAP 650-R Mylar Peeler by AE capti-vates through his revolutionary concept. It comes as a compact inline solution or with the optional Robot Loader integrated.


  • Floor Space: 1620 (flow direction) x 1276mm
  • Productivity rate: 8 panels/min
  • Panel size: L300xW300 - L635xW635mm (extension available)
  • Material: 7mm - 50 μm
  • Typical failure rate is less or equal than 2 per 1000 panels
  • Re-peel function reduces failure rate
  • Mylar tear detection
  • Mylar storage in a box underneath
  • 3 stage buffer integrated
  • Recipe function, Data collection Interface
  • Connectivity: Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, SECS/GEM, OPC/UA
  • Power consumption: 800 watts
  • Cleanroom suitable

Direct loading or unloading: L61 robot arm to load or unload to or from a rack
Recipe function: save selected settings as recipes for reuse at a later time
Data collection: automatic logging and storage of all process data
Tear detection & integrated buffer: precise detection of torn mylar sheets with direct removal via buffer
Mylar storage: removed mylar stored in an underneath box
Re-peel function: up to 3 re-peel attempts per panel to guarantee a minimal failure rate

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