X-ray Inspection System

The system provides a sophisticated auto-inspection capability based on its superior accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility to fulfill the highest level of inspection requirements. Our system has been widely adopted in the area of semiconductor application as well as in the area of the SMT mounting process.


Throughput highly enhanced

Image quality further improved by extremely stiff frame and linear scale

Proprietary image processing technology & high-sensitive FPD provides clear image

These unique features work to obtain high-quality CT images and to improve automated inspection precision

Facilitates captures from any angle between 0 to 60 degrees, providing best capturing conditions



Next-generation X-ray Automated Inspection System

The NXI-3510 covers 3D CT, oblique and 2D inspection. The NXI-3510 supports C4 bump, LTH and BGA/CSP auto inspection. It also supports large size work loading up to 510mm x 370mm. The NXI-3500IM is perfectly suitable for BGA/CSP and power device auto inspection. Delivers a superior quality assurance level, even in environments with fewer voids.

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