Multilayer ultrasonic welder

High-precision ultrasonic based and semi-automatic to fully automatic panel assembly solution.

The machine has a unique handling and alignment system that achieves an accuracy of < 10µm. Two to six camera systems can be used to align the layers.

The ultrasonic technology makes it possible to weld at four positions simultaneously in less than one second.  

The Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system control enables simple connection to customer systems (ERP, SAP, MDE, BDE) according to customer specifications. Layer detection is carried out via 2 cameras as standard and prevents incorrect layer build-up. Due to its small footprint (1300x3100 mm), the machine is easy to integrate into the existing production.



  • Accuracy < 10µm
  • Welding process under one second
  • Small footprint (1300x3100 mm)
  • Multi-format handling concept via Stewart platform
  • Automatic calibration routine
  • Easy maintenance
  • Customer-specific solutions possible
  • Flexible and modular machine concept: Semi automatic up to fully automatic
  • Made in Germany

Technical data of the ML640U

Electrical connection: 230VAC 16A / Sizes (in standard) 500x330 to 700x800 / Sizes (with options) 350x330 to 700x800 / Pneumatic connection: 6bar / Dimensions without support arm(WxLxH) 1300mmx3100mmx1500mm / Maximum thickness of the layer structure up to approx. 9.5 mm /

The size of the welding area can be individually adjusted by using different sonotrodes. Number of welds can be variably adjusted for the customer. Four sonotrodes with four welding points are used as standard.

In order to reliably prevent an incorrect layer build-up, the layer can be recorded by scanning a data matrix code.

  • Made in Germany

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