Hydrogen Leak Detector

Hydrogen Leak Detectors from YAMAHA.

Hydrogen Leak detector

YHLD100 Leak Detector


Hydrogen Leak Detector YHLD-100

Highest reliability

YHLD300 portable Leak Detector


Hydrogen Leak Detector YHLD-300

Portable device

Hydrogen Leak Detector of the latest generation

YAMAHA's YHLD-100 hydrogen leak detector provides unambiguous leak detection and identification with just one device. With its wide detection range, concentrations from 0.5 ppm to 13,000 ppm are measured with just one instrument. Above a concentration of 13,000 ppm, a warning is generated to stop the measurement process. The response time is 0.7 seconds or less. The measurement is fast, safe and comprehensive.

YAMAHA's YHLD-300 hydrogen leak detector provides a portable, handy, small and lightweight version that can detect freely in any location. This detector is a wireless version that performs the function of the YHLD-100 unchanged and detects concentrations ranging from 0.5 ppm to 13,000 ppm. You can freely perform detection while checking with the display in your hand. The power saving function with the acceleration sensor is available.

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